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Volunteer Mediators for the South Bay

The Torrance divorce attorneys of Patricia Barberis, A Law Corporation, Patricia and Colleen Barberis, have recently committed to take time out of their schedules and volunteer their services to those who need experienced family law guidance in the South Bay. As family law mediators, Colleen and Patricia will both be volunteering for a day once per month to assist the two family law departments in the South Bay branch of the Los Angeles County Court in Torrance, which serves all the cities throughout the South Bay community. The program is sponsored by the South Bay Bar Association, and it serves a valuable purpose in moving family law cases through the courts with a minimum of stress and expense for everyone involved.

The judicial officer presiding in each of the two family law courtrooms will assign cases to the mediator who is on call at the time for the purpose of assisting the parties to resolve their issue without the cost and stress of a formal court hearing. This offers a significant advantage to those parties who have retained attorneys and are concerned about keeping their legal costs down, because it can potentially save the parties significant amounts of time and money. A mediator represents neither party, and assists both in discussing their issues and pursuing an acceptable resolution without the necessity of resorting to litigation. The South Bay Bar Association volunteer mediation program gives divorcing parties the input of an independent experienced family law lawyer at no extra cost to them. This way, they can gain new insights into their cases and find alternative solutions that they might otherwise not have discovered.

Patricia Barberis, A Law Corporation: Giving Back to the Torrance Community

Volunteering as mediators for the local family law court is one example of how the divorce attorneys of Patricia Barberis, A Law Corporation reach out to the Torrance community and share their skills with those who need experienced legal guidance. Furthermore, Patricia and Colleen are helping to free up valuable time for presiding judicial officers by relieving them of some of the burden of a crowded court docket. Not every divorce requires a full hearing or a trial, and mediation is one way of preventing the courts from getting clogged with cases that could be settled out of court. Speaking about the program, Patricia said "Colleen and I love our work, and we saw that the courts have been adversely affected by the budget crisis and that help is needed in completing cases in a timely fashion so the parties can move forward with their lives. We therefore volunteered to serve on the mediator panel." To learn more about family law mediation and how it can help with your own case, contact Patricia Barberis, A Law Corporation now for an initial consultation.