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Attorney Colleen Barberis Attends LACBA Training

Recently, Attorney Colleen Barberis attended a seminar on child custody held at the Los Angeles Doubletree Hotel. The local seminar was hosted by the Los Angeles Country Bar Association. The subject of this particular one was "How to Help Children through the Transition when Parents Separate, the Role of Minor's Counsel," which is part of the Minor's Counsel training program.

Why Minor's Counsel is Important

The training program is an attorneys-only event with the goal of providing education and training annually for all minor's counsel to remain eligible to practice. An overview is provided of the law and the basics involved, such as the ever-changing role of minor's counsel. Attorneys are also trained in how to prepare children to testify. Perspectives on the subject were given from the judges, experienced minor's counsel as well as from mental health professionals.

Attorney Barberis attended the seminar to become re-certified as a minor's counsel. During her time this year, she learned the major role and importance of minor's counsel in the transitioning of the parenting. In divorce or separation, it is important to understand how to provide counsel to all parties involved, especially when the structure of parenting is changing so significantly.

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