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Denying Visitation in Child Custody Disputes

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There is nothing worse than being denied access to your child, particularly when the court has already allowed you this privilege in a custody order. The denial of visitation rights is illegal and the transgressing parent should be held accountable for their behavior. Are you the victim of denied visitation rights? Colleen and Patricia Barberis can fight for what you deserve. Our Torrance child custody lawyers share 70 years of experience and deliver aggressive litigation when it is most necessary.

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What Can I Do if I Was Denied Visitation?

In most cases of denied visitation, the custodial parent chooses to prevent the non-custodial parent from seeing the child as detailed in the custody arrangement. This can occur for any number of reasons but all are illegal if the court has not approved the behavior.

All of the following may be necessary in order to enforce your visitation rights:

  • Document the violation – when and where did it occur?
  • Contact the police – file a police report to record the violation
  • Contact the district attorney – they may be able to prevent the violation from reoccurring
  • File a motion – this is critical if you are continually being denied visitation
  • File for contempt – a judicial proceeding relevant when someone violates a court order

Consequences for the custodial parent are based on the specific circumstances, but often include fines and revoked custody in serious situations. The court is often quick to modify the custody arrangement in favor of the noncustodial parent when visitation denial occurs.

Any form of denied visitation is unacceptable and should be treated as such. We are prepared to execute the swift action you need, coupled with strategic tactics that increase your chances of success.

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