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Domestic Violence & Child Custody Cases

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If one parent has a problem with domestic violence, it can significantly alter the outcome of a child custody case. Before making a final decision, however, the court first considers a number of different factors that can shape the details of the custody order. Do not hesitate to retain a child custody attorney if your former spouse has ever committed domestic violence or if you believe you may be accused of domestic violence.

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Domestic Violence & Its Effect on the Accused Parent

Domestic violence can include any form of physical, emotional, or mental abuse against another family member. Hitting, scaring, or threatening someone may all be categorized as domestic violence. The court can look at both past convictions and current evidence to determine if custody arrangements should be affected by this offense.

Custody orders are not the only thing impacted by domestic violence. The accused parent can suffer immensely, from spousal support to employment to child support. It is becoming easier to get a restraining order issued against an alleged abuser and the terms of restraining orders are often very harsh, such as:

  • Preventing the abuser from receiving spousal support
  • Denying the abuser custody and visitation rights
  • Stopping any forms of child support to the abuser

In today’s day and age, parents often use restraining orders as a tool to block custodial rights of the other parent and therefore get more child support. Before denying the right to child custody, however, the court will first look at several different factors.

Custody may still be awarded to the offending parent if they:

  • Have completed a 52-week batterer’s program
  • Have not committed any other domestic violence
  • Have obeyed all court orders

How Can a Torrance Child Custody Lawyer Help Me?

Whether you are the parent being accused or the parent who believes domestic violence is a problem our firm can help. Our priority is to protect your relationship with your child at all costs, so it is imperative that you move quickly to ensure the most favorable outcome.

We uphold the needs of our clients and aren’t afraid to stand up for their rights in court. Your child deserves the very best, so contact our team right away!

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