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Substance Abuse and Child Custody

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Substance abuse, whether drugs or alcohol, impacts far more people that just the individual struggling with the abuse issues. Child are especially at risk for lifelong psychological damage and nowhere is this truer than in the midst of a divorce. Substance abuse poses serious problems for custody decisions, heightening your need for legal representation. As you watch your ex-spouse deal with substance abuse, you may be concerned that your child will end up living with them. Turn to our firm for peace of mind as you navigate the complexities of your case.

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Will One Parent Lose Custody Over Substance Abuse Issues?

Because the court wants what is best for the child, there is no doubt that a parent struggling with substance abuse is ill-equipped to care for their needs. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to prove that an addiction problem exists. The court must be convinced that one parent partakes in frequent or habitual use of drugs or alcohol. Depending on the circumstances, urine or breath tests may be administered.

Numerous factors can determine if a parent will lose custody, including:

  • Whether the parent has a history of substance abuse
  • The type of substances involved
  • Whether the parent is willing to undergo treatment
  • Whether the parent is currently abusing substances

If you suspect that your former spouse is struggling with substance addiction, it is imperative that you assume a proactive approach to your circumstances. Failing to take action can put your child in a dangerous situation and may even cause your own relationship with your child to suffer.

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