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Sexual Abuse in Custody Cases

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Initially, a divorce might be just between you and your spouse, but the future ramifications extend far beyond this. Especially in situations where sexual abuse is a problem, children are directly affected by your decision to divorce. Sexual abuse can impact child custody decisions in a very significant way and if you suspect that it exists, it is imperative that you speak up right away.

Because it can be difficult to prove that your former spouse is sexually abusing your child, you can benefit from retaining a Torrance child custody attorney. Our firm has been recognized for the exceptional divorce assistance we offer and is committed to achieving your desired outcome. With such a serious matter at hand, there is simply no room to take any chances.

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How Does Sexual Abuse Impact a Custody Decision?

Children who are sexually abused may display certain behaviors, such as bedwetting, undue fear, poor school performance, and withdrawal from family members. If you can prove that a problem exists, or raise enough reasonable concern, the court may take immediate action.

Any of the following can occur if the court finds proof of sexual abuse:

  • Taking away custody from the abusive parent after divorce
  • Denying custody rights during divorce proceedings
  • Permanently removing visitation rights

Courts are careful to ensure that a child’s best interests are protected before finalizing a custody decision. However, even if your fears arise after custody is assigned, it is not too late to say something. The sooner you voice your concerns, the more quickly the court is able to investigate the matter.

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Knowing the legal complications that can arise in light of sexual abuse allegations, many parents often wonder, “Is it worth it to say something?” Unique situations notwithstanding, our answer is almost always, “Yes.” Your child’s well-being is at risk and you may be able to protect them from a lifetime of pain.

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