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Few things are as stressful for a parent as seeing their children go through the stress of their parents getting a divorce. Children often blame themselves and feel pressured to take mom or dad’s side and worry about what will inevitably change in their lives after their parents split up. At Patricia Barberis, A Law Corporation, you can rely on our thoughtful, compassionate child custody attorneys in Long Beach to provide straightforward advocacy to resolve these delicate matters while keeping the best interests of your children in the forefront at all times as you dissolve the legal bonds of your marriage.

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How Child Custody Is Determined in the State of California

Every U.S. state has unique child custody laws. When a judge determines which parent will earn legal and physical custody of his or her children in California, there are several considerations, all of which revolve around the best interests of the couple’s children. That is what we keep in mind, too, at our law firm – what is best for your children and what is most fair to you as their mother or father.

“Legal” custody is defined as the parent who is granted custody and permitted to make important life decisions for their children, such as determining their education, religious upbringing, and health choices, among other important considerations that will have an impact on their futures. “Physical” custody is more straightforward: It determines where and with whom the children live. One or both parents may be granted physical custody – as close to evenly as possible (“joint”) or if one is given custody 100% of the time, this is called “sole” custody.

The factors used to determine child custody include:

  • Health and safety of the children
  • Preference of the children
  • Parental cooperation
  • Stability of the child

Our Long Beach child custody attorneys will help you through the complex California family courts during what is surely a frustrating, emotionally challenging time. We will explain to you the numerous issues that can impact a final custody decision. Keep in mind that child custody orders and be modified and reevaluated on a yearly basis, mainly if you prove there has been a major change in life circumstances warranting a modification.

Which Factors Does a Judge Take Into Account When Determining a Custody Arrangement?

Child custody takes intricate decision making on the part of a California family court judge. This judge will award joint or sole legal and/or physical custody depending on a number of factors. Based on the judge’s decision, the parent given custody will have the ability to make major decision about their children’s life and will have their child live under their roof at predetermined times. “

Our Long Beach child custody attorneys handle many of the factors that California family court judges consider when determining final custody arrangements, such as:

We handle many factors that can impact a custody arrangement, such as:

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Determining child custody matters is wrought with high emotion for all members of the family, even those not in your immediate family. We understand, and we are here to provide personalized legal advice and guidance during this challenging time. We can shield your rights and those of your children so you can have adequate parenting time you are entitled to and deserve as the mother or father of the most important people in your lives. With the guidance of our attorneys, whether you’re going through an uncontested or contested divorce, you can stay focused on your children’s best interested and create a unique parenting plan.

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