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Why Do Divorce Rates Spike in August and March?

Many people despise the month of August due to its hot, humid weather. According to new research, however, the month may have a new reason to be disliked – divorce.

In a new report published by Brian Serafini and Julie Brines of the University of Washington, online searches for “divorce” and divorce filings tend to skyrocket during the months of March and August. Derived by studying the 15 most recent years of divorce filings in Washington, the data reveals that more than 3.1 million divorce filings were filed in both the months of March and August from 2001 to 2015. But why is this the case?

According to Serafini and Brines, it is speculated that unhappily married couples schedule their divorce filings around the winter holidays and Valentine’s Day, as well as summer vacations. This could be because couples want to avoid announcing a divorce around family-oriented Christmas time, especially if they share children. Likewise, couples may decide their differences are irreconcilable directly following a vacation, either as a means of not spoiling a family getaway or due to the stress of a vacation worsening an already strained marriage. The “broken promise” hypothesis also carries weight, which suggests that people see vacations and holidays as one last shot to make their relationship work, and when it doesn’t pan out as planned, they decide it is time to call it quits.

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