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Patricia Barberis, A Law Corporation Contributes to Medical Brigades

The Torrance divorce lawyers of Patricia Barberis, A Law Corporation are committed to giving back to the community, and they contribute to causes which move them personally. Patricia and Colleen Barberis are proud supporters of the Global Brigades program, and they specifically make charitable contributions to the Medical Brigades program for Honduras. The Global Brigades organization describes itself as "the world's largest student-led global health and sustainable development organization," and their history dates back to 2004.

One of the nine difference skill-based programs they operate is the Medical Brigades, which works to provide an array of health services to people living in rural communities. Large percentages of the world population do not have easy access to routine medical care for general health or treatment of acute conditions, and it is the mission of the Medical Brigades to alleviate this problem and help more people to get the treatment and care they need. Currently, the Medical Brigades program is focusing its efforts on communities in Panama, Ghana, Nicaragua and Honduras, countries that are all badly in need of medical services for their largely impoverished populations.

By contributing to this program, the attorneys of Patricia Barberis, A Law Corporation are helping to facilitate the efforts of the Medical Brigades workers in Honduras. Pat and Colleen chose to support this cause for a reason that is very personal to both of them: Colleen's daughter, and Pat's granddaughter, is studying to be a registered nurse, and will be traveling to Honduras to serve in the Medical Brigade. Furthermore, Pat is a former RN, and is empathetic to the need for medical care. To learn more about the Medical Brigades and find out how you can make your own contribution to this worthy cause, contact Patricia Barberis, A Law Corporation now.